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Keeping London’s Traditions Alive Cockney Heritage

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If you are visiting London for the first time, you will no doubt have an idea of what to expect. Maybe an  impression from older films or books. This London does still exist if you know where to go.

This where Cockney Heritage comes in.

Although London is safer than a lot of big cities, the thought of roaming the back streets  looking for cockney culture can be worrying.

  This is not a show with actors playing the parts,

but a good

 old fashioned “singsong”


“knees up”.

We bring our Cockney Heritage out of the back streets to where it can be experienced and enjoyed by Londoners & visitors alike in a safe and friendly environment with good food and drink and clean facilities

Our events are  great value

If you have anything connected to cockney life

Or culture that you wish to publicise,

We can put it on our website free of charge.



We can also put on Cockney nights at your venue

including music & food.

Or we can put you in touch with musicians

 for your own parties



 for details

Del the Pearly Minstrel of London



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